Don't wait for memories to happen. Go out and make them happen.

And the best way to make some great memories? Break a few rules...

Who says you can't wear shoes with holes in them? Who says you can't slip under a few ropes or over a few fences to get the epic shot? Who says you have to wear those boring ass shoes everyone else wears? Who says you can't travel the world when you're young?

Push the limits with whatever you do. Don't be satisfied with your comfortable 9-5 desk job. Go out and take what's yours. Travel. Live. Explore. Laugh. 

We do it all wearing Semmi Shoes. You should too. 

The Semmi Shoes Story


We are the founders of Semmi Shoes. We are a small crew of 20 something year olds from New England. As active kids we were always out and about doing things. 

Because of the wildly changing weather in the Boston area, travel became an important part of our lives - especially to warmer climates. But we were always drawn back home because of our work/school responsibilities. 

Not wanting to live the life that's seemingly laid out for everyone - School -> College -> Graduate School -> Desk Job -> White Picket Fence - we decided to start our own company.

To fit the predicament of the young person who wants to travel the world, but still has responsibilities at home, we decided to design shoes that were new and bold, but were still formal enough for the workplace or for everyday use. 

Starting with the concept of a comfortable airy shoe, we designed several leather shoes that were light, flexible, completely perforated, and stylish - like no other shoe that we'd seen before. Perfect for warm weather mischief :).

The shoes came out as a combination of casual and formal looks - they were semi casual and semi formal. Thus our name Semmi Shoes. 

We are proud to offer these shoes to the world. We want people of all shapes, sizes, and colors to join our crew in our vision to go out and make memories throughout the world. 

Don't forget to bend a few rules to make your moments even more memorable. Fit out not in. 

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