The sun sets differently in the summer. Looking out at the water, clutching a cold one, and enjoying a laugh with our closest allies is where we want to be when the sky goes orange. There’s no better feeling than sitting back and letting everything else take a backseat. Concur? 

Most of us can’t just sit on the beach all day, so we believe in the more classic fashion that you create the life you live. You work hard so you can live the way you want, and we’ll put shoes on your feet that compliment this lifestyle. Our leather shoes can walk you to the workplace and around the city, but also urge you out to the ocean and the beach.

Growing up in Massachusetts, we lived for our trips up to Maine, and out to Cape Cod, Nantucket and the Vineyard. Once you hit the waterfront, you know its time to kick back and drink it all in.

Our goal is to create a shoe that fits this lifestyle perfectly—and we think we’ve done just that. Cruising around on the boats, walking down the beach, or strolling in for cocktails, we realized something—there isn’t a shoe that fits just right. There are some shoes for boating, or for the beach, sure; but there isn’t a shoe that gives us the style and luxury that should go hand in hand with comfort and utility.


The ideal warm weather leather shoe. Hand-made with Italian leather, each hole in our perforated shoes is hand poked with precision. Our collection of shoes allow the air to flow between your toes as you enjoy the wind through your sails. Our line is perfect for those going for a fine dinner on the water, and for those looking for a classy fit.


We are a small team from New England who has grown up accustomed to a lifestyle of city life and summer splendor. We know what it’s like to work hard to make those summer getaways even sweeter. The island life and the summer sun are what we live for, and we won’t do it without style on our feet. For those who want the shoes to match the walk, join us.